Waiting List

Waiting List Procedure

Currently, we very limited vacancies for 2023 Once you have joined our waiting list, you will be contacted either via email or telephone to organise your orientation and to discuss any other need you may have.


Once you have downloaded a copy of our waitlist, it is in your best interest to return it to us as soon as possible. You can do this via email, or you can ring us at (02) 9663 0652 and arrange an appointment with our Director Kirsty Bonett. We do ask that you make a date to come through and drop your form off and to discuss your individual enrolment, with our Director. As the front gate will be locked before any unorganised visits as this is a security measure for the children and it also ensures you will be given adequate time to ask all of your questions and to be given enough time to wander through and have a good look at the service being offered.

Once a position becomes available, we will content you either via telephone or email to arrange a suitable time for you to come through and meet our friendly teachers and have a tour of the centre.

Enquiry Form - https://www.owna.com.au/enquiry.aspx?c=windinthewillows
Waitlist Form - https://www.owna.com.au/waitlist.aspx?c=windinthewillows


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