Age Group

Age Groups at The Willows

Here at the Willows, We Have Three Separate Age Groups

Puggles 12months and Walking

Caterpillar Children 2years - 3 years

Butterfly Children 3yr olds-5-year-olds specific focus on  working in our school readiness program

Experience you can trust 

Puggle Children 

Our Nursery room accommodates children between the ages of 12months old and walking to 2 years old. This age group is called the "Puggles", which aims to develop trusting, supportive relationships with children and families. We have created a happy and safe environment for children aiding in the development of their cognitive, social and gross/fine motor skills. They will learn basic language skills and social skills, such as how to interact with other children and educators. We work closely with our children to explore their interests and work on areas of improvement through play-based learning, which guides our planned experiences, daily routines and events. We supply 5 nutritious meals, (Cow's milk for bottles), wipes, nappies and all fresh bed linen daily. Our biggest assets are that 90 % of our educators are long-term employees and they are mothers themselves. They understand from first-hand experience how hard it can be to send your child to pre-school. Our Educators take great pride in the relationships they build with the children and their families. You will feel like you are dropping your child off with their other family all whilst ensuring they have a firm underpinning education foundation. Let my Family Look After your Family. There is no substitute. Elite Care.

Caterpillar Children:

The Caterpillar group has our children aged from 2yrs of age- 3 years of Age, All teachers are vibrant and enthusiastic and have had many many years experience, While they possess a nurturing manner they are still structured with a very caring disposition encouraging children to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge their ever developing skills.

The caterpillar program has adopted the Early Learning Years Framework, and the children's learning had already improved by leaps and bounds. We encourage self-help skills and challenge the children's life competencies in an environment that is exciting and encouraging without placing extreme pressures on the children. We allow the children's interest to shape the foundation of their learning.

Butterfly group:

The Butterfly program is structured for children aged between 3-6 years old. The program is structured in a way that the children's interest guides the foundation for their investigations. We develop concepts and foundations for experimentation from our families and key events that are happening in the children's lives on a day to day basis while still incorporating a very strategic school readiness program ensuring that we are monopolising key components to the children's fundamentals of learning.

We integrate language, mathematics, science, and technology into the children's everyday learning, ensuring they are more than equipped with knowledge, confidence, and sound ability to participate and communicate to teachers and peers in a social and formal atmosphere to ensure a smooth transition into kindergarten. We value the concept of being, belonging and becoming.

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