We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the Bidjigal people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community, past, present and future.
Wind in the Willows Learning Centre is a family-owned long-day preschool and nursery committed to offering the highest quality of care available within our local community. Family diversity will be reflected throughout our whole ethos, from how we care for each other to how we extend our warmth, knowledge and respect to each child, family member and Educator. Our values include love, sharing, friendship, respect, manners, generosity, listening, kindness, gentleness, diversity, inclusion, social justice, sustainability and the importance of play.
We are committed to providing high-quality care that is built on our strong foundation of family first. We believe that the Early Childhood years are vital in promoting a young child's development and forming the attitudes and skills that will serve them throughout life. With this in mind, in our preschool, we will aim to provide an environment that is not only stimulating and challenging but also a warm and supportive atmosphere in which each child can grow, learn and have a sense of belonging. Consistency and continuity will be critical elements of our philosophy and operation, which we aim to promote through regular, familiar and long-term staff and opportunities to develop social continuity and ongoing friendships.
We believe in the importance of relationships with children, families and the broader community. We aim to build strong, trusting relationships that are warm, knowledgeable, respectful and nurturing. We base these relationships on solid family values, love, compassion, empathy, friendship, gentleness, generosity and kindness.
We believe in building a community that values children, respects their rights, hears their voices and prepares them for life readiness. We recognise the importance of ensuring that Educators and families work together towards common goals, value children, respect their rights and give them love. We see families as essential partners and vital resources. We continually strive to develop and maintain collaborative and open partnerships with families and invite their participation in all aspects of our programs, policies, procedures and events. We invite families to help us meet our community's changing needs, valuing their feedback and ideas as we strive for continual improvement. We believe in supporting our local community and will partner with families to help our local community members in need.
We believe each child is an individual, whose needs, interests and family values will be respected and developed. Using the "Early Year's Learning Framework" as our guide, we will value and respect each child's individuality and aim to develop their sense of self, community, and desire to learn. The concepts of "Belonging, Being, Becoming" steer all that we do and say, and we recognise that children's voices are an essential part of our program and wish to extend and develop their interests.
We believe children are capable, resourceful and valued members of our community. We believe that young children learn through play and that their ideas must be valued,

supported and extended. We feel that children will develop a strong sense of well-being by learning through planned and spontaneous activities that are interest-based and child-led. Learn new skills, explore new interests and ideas, appreciate the difference and diversity of other people in our world, respect our natural environment, show respect for each other, and develop the ability to solve problems and think creatively.
We hope that immersing the children in a curriculum based on their needs and interests and planning develops each child as an individual. Give them the opportunities to make decisions and choices. We will enable the children to be confident, self-directing and continuous learners who are well-equipped to handle themselves and society.

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