Kirsty Bonett

Owner- Director and Educational Leader

About Kirsty Bonett - Owner- Director and Educational Leader

Hi, I am the Director and Owner of Wind in the Willows Childcare Centre. I have been in the industry for nearly 25 years, I hold my Bachelor of Education, specialising in Ealry Childhood I also hold 3 Diploma's in Education and care. I have twin 6ys old daughters that are the light of my life. I understand the importance of chosing the right centre for your children. 

I started working in the industry on the south coast to where I eventually moved to Sydney and Directed an 80 place service for eight years, until I decided to purchase my own Centre in partnership with Carol Anderson.

I take an active role in the operation of the Centre. My expectations are high, and my love and passion for childcare is rich and deep. Each and every little smile that I am lucky enough to see brightens up my day. Every family here is part of our family, and I take my role in your child's life and educational journey seriously, I take great pride in our precious Centre, and I guarantee your babies are as precious to me as they are to you.

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