Mina Valencia

Puggles Room Leader

About Mina Valencia - Puggles Room Leader

Hi, my name is Mina Valencia. I am a qualified educator with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and have been working for over 5 years.
As a mother myself, I believe children are very concerned about themselves and the small world they live in, family and home. Therefore I would like to provide a family environment.
I am passionate about engaging and interacting with children. I acknowledge that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while enjoying an educational environment. Building up a great relationship with each child, giving them security and trust throughout the day and always bring out happiness atmosphere.
And I believe strongly that each child is an individual and unique in their own way. As an educator, I would like to value and develop each child's strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning.

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